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  • 宿命之敌

  • 主演:科琳娜·赖利 伊丽莎白·帕金斯 迈克·奥麦利 桑德拉·布洛克 多米尼克·韦斯特 
  • 状态:更新03
  • 导演:Betty,Thomas
  • 类型:大陆
  • 简介:Gwen Cummings is a successful New York writer living life in the fast lane and everyone's favorite party girl. She shares this roller-coaster lifestyle of hopping from dance club to bar to hangover with boyfriend Jasper-handsome, magnetic and equally attracted to life on the wild side. Life is just an exercise in debauchery-until Gwen's ungraceful display at her sister Lily's wedding, when she gets drunk, commandeers the limo and earns herself a DUI and 28 days in court-ordered rehab. There, Gwen comes face to face with a unique set of rules (like no cell phones) and rituals (like chanting) embraced by an assortment of fascinating fellow re-habbers Eddie, Gerhardt, Oliver, Andrea, Roshanda, and Billie Jean. A jaded city girl to the core, Gwen is determined not to conform. Then she meets Counselor Cornell, who begins to break through her carefully constructed defenses and force her to take a closer look at who she really is. Ultimately, through the companionship of! her group as well as a devastating loss, Gwen gradually loses her cynicism and begins the long struggle to take back her life. Maybe, she discovers, your insides can match your outsides.